Warmer Weather with ticks and mosquitos

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In Sharon, Massachusetts, warm weather in February has prompted more people to spend time outdoors. However, pet owners have reported issues with ticks as they venture out.

The Sharon dog park was filled with visitors, but instead of ice and snow, people were concerned about ticks. Gerry McDonough, a dog owner, ensures that his dog Stella is protected with tick medicine, especially with the mild weather this February.

In addition, the warmer winter could have different impacts on ticks and mosquitoes. Kaitlyn O’Donnell, an entomologist at Norfolk County Mosquito Control in Walpole, explains that ticks are active as long as the temperature remains above freezing.

She warns that if warm temperatures signal to mosquitoes that it is time to wake up, they may come out earlier in the spring and develop faster because of the warmer temperatures. O’Donnell and her team are preparing their traps for an aggressive surveillance season as they look for new mosquito populations, including types that bite throughout the day rather than just at night.

They warn that with warmer and milder winters, new mosquito species may creep northward, and while some are nuisance species, others are capable of carrying diseases.

Although the lack of freezing temperatures is a change of pace this February, people need to prepare for the current conditions. Steve Miller, another dog owner, is buying new tick medicine for his dog, as his current supply has expired. He believes that everybody should be aware of ticks and the danger they pose.

Additionally, officials say the drought in Massachusetts is officially over, giving plenty of areas for mosquitoes to nest.

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