mild winter could lead to buggy spring

bug in a flower

The mild winter has been a pleasant change, but it may come at a cost this spring as insects start to thrive. If you feel like you’re seeing more bugs this April than in previous years, you’re not wrong. The warmer weather has allowed many insects, especially mosquitos, to emerge earlier than usual. Dr. Philip Armstrong, who oversees the state’s mosquito monitoring program, explains that mosquitos would typically start occurring in May, but the warmer temperatures have caused them to appear sooner. This has also allowed mosquito species from the south to move north, which could extend the mosquito season longer.

However, it’s not just mosquitos that are causing concern. Mark Haydens, Total Pest Control have already seen an increase in homeowner needs due to insect activity, particularly for common pests in Connecticut, such as termites and ants, as it’s their mating season. Mark says they’ve been inundated with calls for these pests.

Ticks are a concern this year due to the unusually warm winter. According to Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station tick ecologist, Megan Linske, more ticks will likely survive. Therefore, protecting pets with medicated collars and topical treatments is important, and starting preventative measures earlier than usual may be necessary. Linske also recommends checking yourself, your kids, and your pets for ticks after spending time in wooded or grassy areas. With more ticks comes a higher risk of Lyme disease, so it’s crucial to take preventative measures and remove ticks as quickly as possible.

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